Dear Customer Please follow these instructions Attentively

  1. Go to this link : Then click buy with RAMP
  2. You will have this Page like this

3.Then Choose your Currency like usd gbp or eur Then put the amount :

1 month: 14 / 3 months: 30 / 6 months: 50 / 1 year : 70

and under amount please choose btc like in the image !!

You get : Btc Bitcoin !!

4. then click proceed

5. after clicking proceed you need to verify your adresse email

6. then enter this BTC wallet adress :


7. then click proceed this step all things is clear after proceed choose your payment methode : Credit/Debit Card

and enter your payment information and adress and purchase

9. after purchasing please download the reciept and send it to this email : [email protected]

10. when we will recieve the amount and the reciept we will send you immediately your Iptv Subscription at your email

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